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I have been following Dave Grohl since Nirvana. I absolutely love the Foo Fighters, it’s my #1 favorite band! Hubby and I decided to do a date night and go see Studio 666. It was exactly as I expected. Comedy Slasher movie! It was a mix between Scream and an Ozzy Osbourne concert. I did laugh alot through out the movie, and perhaps it’s because I am watching my favorites on the big screen razzing each other, vice playing music for 2 and a half hours. It was a different vibe, fun, strange and cheesy. If you have seen any of their videos, this is very much their jam.

Thankfully the theatre was ice cold, because it did keep me awake through out the entire movie. There were some slower scenes, I won’t lie and as I looked over at my hubby snoring, I knew this wasn’t for him. If you aren’t a music buff, especially a fan of the Foo, this movie isn’t for you. I loved the Lionel Ritchie cameo and scene. Dave can sing any song absolutely beautifully! Nate and Pat, my gawd…. It was like watching Shaggy and Scooby solving the mystery of the night! Whitney Cummings played an absolutely stellar role, mixed with her personality and her comedy, she was a perfect pick for the annoying neighbor. Leslie Grossman, an American Horror Story fav of mine, was amazing. Would have loved to have seen her more in the movie!

All in all, if you are not a Foo Fighters fan or music buff, I wouldn’t recommend this movie. I love the band and it was pretty unique (although, there is a Studio 666 movie that came out in 2005 I have to try and find and watch now – I love horror movies). I wouldn’t have classified this movie as a horror, more Comedy/Slasher but I will give the Foo props for creating one long music video with more acting than singing!!!

L# all the way, Dave!

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