Starting Something New, Again.

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I have been back and forth with my writing. Always starting something and never finishing it. I’m in the middle age bracket now and feel that my time is now to write and explore this creative side of me. I’ve been holding back too long.

I have been travelling alot with my husband for the last 8 years. I wasn’t a traveler at all, to be honest. Growing up, the furthest I went as a kid was PEI from Ontario for a family reunion and the occasional trip to Watertown, NY only because it was 20 mins away from Kingston, my hometown. In my 20s, I did a couple of trips to Toronto and B.C. with my job as a meeting events coordinator, but not enough time to really explore and “see the world”. In my 30’s I had my son and was in the military and even then, the furthest I went that was outside Ontario, was Afghanistan and well, that’s a whole other story.

I met my husband many years ago but we started dating in 2013 and married in 2017. He was an early retired veteran and loved to travel. He had been to more places that I had! His dream was to travel when he retired and my dream was the same. (More in an RV and travel to all the US states!) But we ventured to Cuba together, then Jamaica, Mexico, Jamaica, Mexico, Jamaica, Vegas, Jamaica…. yes the island was our fav. I have never traveled this much in my life! And I felt like I was catching up! I feel very grateful for my experiences and life may have not turned out the way I thought it was going to when I was a teen, but who’s ever does? I am lucky to have this ability to travel, see all sorts of different ways of life and it won’t stop! You get one chance in this life! I’m going to make it count!

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