Avatar – Flights of Passage

An amazing day was spent in Disney’s Animal Kingdom yesterday! It has to be one of my most favorite places, aside from the crowds! In 2017, this ride, Avatar, Flights of Passage was born. I’ve been to every park now, with the exception of Epcot, and twice to Animal Kingdom. 3D rides are my favorite! This ride was worth every penny and the over 2 hour wait.

I kid you not, we got in line at 1147am and finally hit the first part of the experience at 148pm. We were taken into a “pod” and was briefed from the person on the screen. (Been a while since I’ve seen the movie!) It was pretty neat because it actually showed you on the screen, and if you removed yourself from the number on the ground, it was noticed on the big screen. So all 16 of us were in this pod and ready for the experience.

We then moved into a second pod. I was getting excited but man, my feet and back hurt from standing for so long, I spent more time looking at the 2 min count down on the screen instead of watching the video. The cast member then gave us our 3D glasses and guided us to our “seats”. These weren’t normal seats! It was like sitting on a motorcycle but incredibly comfortable! There was an area right behind you to place your belongs, purse, shopping, bags, etc. I got into my ride, moved forward and it had to have been the most comfortable seat yet! We all waited for a few mins, and then the show began!

It was just incredible. You really felt like you were soaring through the movie, left turn, right turn, diving down, spray of water, the usual 3D like simulators at Disney, but so much better because of the position of your body on these seats! You can feel the “breathing” of your dragon between your legs as the bar between your two calves would push out and then in to simulate being on this dragon. Amazing. Then I looked over and saw quite a few faces… this ride not only ran for the 16 of us on our level, but above us, I saw another row of 16 and I believe underneath us was another 16! What an ingenious way of getting a max amount of people at one time!

The ride was 4 mins and a few seconds, but it honestly was not long enough. If the wait time wasn’t so long, we would have done it over and over again. I think this maybe the future way of watching movies. To be inside the experience. It was an amazing ride and I would do it again!

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